Let Beacon SSI help you with all your Compliance Needs for Petroleum Equipment Regulations in Illinois

State and Federal Regulations are changing quickly for owner/operators of of underground and above fuel tanks. Failure to keep pace with all the new changes can be costly and working with a competent and experienced contractor is important. Beacon SSI has been helping clients in the Chicago Area for over 25 years and has a diverse client list. From gas stations to trucking companies, no facility is too large or small.

New Regulations that will affect Owner/Operators of Underground Storage Tank Systems

Petroleum Equipment Regulations

Petroleum Equipment Regulations In the last several years have changed and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency  has been looking into defections/limitations of the equipment that was designed to prevent and detect leaks of underground storage tanks.  A major concern of the EPA was the potential for large scale fuel releases into the environment due to equipment failure.  These concerns led to the creation of the following new regulations that must take place on or before October 13, 2018.



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